World of Upgrades (A Poem)

Hi guys! I have, surprise surprise, a poem for you. I'll let you read it now-I don't really need to tell you what it's about-you'll figure it out pretty quick. Enjoy! And tell me what you think! *** ---What a grotesque thing to stare at Out society's urge now to upgrade Up the ladder we... Continue Reading →


I’m Not Dead. Yet.

Hello, hello. Sorry I've yet again pulled a disapearing act. I was not able to get on here at all this summer. I'm going to keep this short, & not punish you any further with practically a novel.   I have a few things to say: 1) FOBuary 2019 is OFFICIALLY discontinued. It will be... Continue Reading →

A Lazy Post: Some Food For Thought

.....Imagine if all bands & celebrities thought & acted like this, & of course, talked like this:   ....Sorry this is a really lazy post. I wanted to post something today, but I have pretty much nothing ready. Life has been dealing me more & more things to suck up more & more of my... Continue Reading →

Thank you everyone!

Hi guys! I wanted to thank everyone who has taken time out of their life to read my blog, & sometimes even leave a little extra-whether it be a like, a comment, or simply a follow. It's been quite some time since WordPress sent me a "Hoo-rah" notification, at least a year ago, telling me... Continue Reading →

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