The Tale of Adhya and Nooma~Revised and Improved

Hi! I know I’ve been M.I.A for a quite a well, but I’m back now…I think. Years ago, I posted a short story called “The Tale of Adhya and Nooma-The Tale of how the Moon came To Be (it’s a Myth that I made up by the way) (and was month to be a tall... Continue Reading →

I’m Back…?

Hey everyone. I know I’ve been M.I.A for awhile, but I’m pleased to announce that I’m back…kind of…I’m not sure, my life is getting kind of busy. I have new material that I will posting, and I’m glad to be back. A quick catch-up: My best friend, Luna the kitty, passed away November of 2018.... Continue Reading →

Blackened Barbie (A Poem)

Hi! I wrote this about teenage girls I know & have known who are like Barbies whose lives will shatter once they embark into the real world. As I am graduating high school in a few months, this is even more relevant to me. I hope you like it-it was written pretty quickly, although I... Continue Reading →


I went to the beach for my spring break & a got a tan line where my choker necklace was. May I say again, figures???

A Random Thought

Hi...Eventually, I'll be back in full swing, but I wanted to share a thought I had recently: What I want to buy or receive as a gift really says the opposite about me. Probably number 1 on my list is a GIGANTIC book of baby names. This would usually indicate that I am an 18-year... Continue Reading →

World of Upgrades (A Poem)

Hi guys! I have, surprise surprise, a poem for you. I'll let you read it now-I don't really need to tell you what it's about-you'll figure it out pretty quick. Enjoy! And tell me what you think! *** ---What a grotesque thing to stare at Out society's urge now to upgrade Up the ladder we... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Dead. Yet.

Hello, hello. Sorry I've yet again pulled a disappearing act. I was not able to get on here at all this summer. I'm going to keep this short, & not punish you any further with practically a novel.   I have a few things to say: 1) FOBuary 2019 is OFFICIALLY discontinued. It will be... Continue Reading →

A Lazy Post: Some Food For Thought

.....Imagine if all bands & celebrities thought & acted like this, & of course, talked like this:   ....Sorry this is a really lazy post. I wanted to post something today, but I have pretty much nothing ready. Life has been dealing me more & more things to suck up more & more of my... Continue Reading →

Thank You Everyone!

Hi guys! I wanted to thank everyone who has taken time out of their life to read my blog, & sometimes even leave a little extra-whether it be a like, a comment, or simply a follow. It's been quite some time since WordPress sent me a "Hoo-rah" notification, at least a year ago, telling me... Continue Reading →

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