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Good morning. Well, at least it’s morning where I am.

I wanted to explain one of the “gifts” I left for Dev in my last post, to those who do not understand the joke.

I am talking about this one:

idc video roof scene_attempted explaination by a nonfan

This is priceless…only if you know why.


Fall Out Boy has a rep for creating creative  & often questionable music videos, & it’s hard to say that they’re not entertaining.

So far there’s been everything from a spinoff of NSYCN’s rather iconic short “It’s Going to Be Me” featuring 2 of the 90’s boy band’s former members from a music video taking place inside a dream of the band’s bassist’s bulldog, Hemingway, from a video where the band is being sold, along with various Fall Out Boy “products” & “services” on an infomercial-type program, to a video where they are producing music to a record label ran by monkeys, headed by th director “Allen Furface”-who is trying, & succeeding-to seduce Pete Wentz’s (the bassists) one time girlfriend in this video….Kim Kardashian. Yep. Although at this point, 2007, she was relatively unknown.

In 2009, the music video for “I Don’t Care” was released. What you see above, is a still from the video.

2009 was the end of Fall Out Boy’s prehiatus era, & at this point in time, they were being criticized & treated very poorly very, very much. “I Don’t Care” was written to say just what the title states-that they don’t care.

The video starts with the band members entering into the backstage area where Gilby Clarke, of Guns ‘N Roses, is relaxing. He takes a good look at the band members, & scoffs, with this dig,: “What the Hell happened to rock & roll? Eyeliner, energy drinks, & no guitar solos? I’ve taken sh**s with bigger rock stars than them!”

After that, the begining drum beats start, & the video transfers into what makes up the majority of the video-the band members doing not very good or nice things, & supposedly not caring. (Oh, & also they are performing the song too, but those are just in flashes) This includes, but is not limited to Pete Wentz peeing on an elevator building, mocking & then chasing & shoving a mime, both Pete & Patrick Stump disguising themselves as nuns & them stealing from a store in their costumes, Andy Hurley taking a little girl’s ice cream cone & smashing it flat onto the sidewalk, Joe Throman walking around in a trench coat with nothing underneath so he can frequently flash bystanders, Patrick Stump grabbing a woman’s butt & snatching away an elderly man’s walker, & Joe & Patrick standing on top of a roof while dropping water balloons on the heads of Red Carpet attendees below them…..But they are actaully people in disguise of them, so all in all….it’s not them at all. And that DOES make sense, because not of the members would actaully even be TEMPTED to do any of the things they do in the video. That’s not the end though. However, I’m not going to spoil the ending.

The still you see above- that’s after they drop the balloons! Joe Throman has also been nicknamed “Jesus” in the fanbase, as he is Jewish & I guess because of his hair…I honestly don’t see how it makes sense, but that’s just me. Patrick has a thing for hats. I mean, he rarely doesn’t have one.

Now do you see the humor?

Also, here is the link to the music video. It would be great if you watched it because I said so, but you surely don’t have to. XD

Also, if you do watch it & you want to know why there’s a random spot at about 2:01 where the video shows a picture of a cat in front of a plate of spagetti, please let me know. I will tell you. Don’t waste time trying to find the answer on the Internet when I can just tell you-quickly, at that. 🙂


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