BONUS Post: More Internet Findlings (Made That Word Up) For Dev of Marylandpoetblog

Hello again, since Dev loved the Fall Out Boy themed Internet findlings I gifted him before, I’m going to take a chance & share some more-this time just Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy’s bassist & primary lyricist, as a theme, & just hope that at least one of these memes are new to Dev.

how many members it takes to change a light bulb

*f.y.i to those who do not recognize or know this scene-he just took a bite out of his phone on accident*

*meet pw evry1whats the most mo

*Note to those who don’t know what this means either-in Fall Out Boy’s pre-hiatus years, Pete Wentz was undeniably “emo”-at least in the “stereotypical” sense. He also, to this day, is called The King of Emo… The rest of the members have always been a very sharp contrast to this, making Pete stick out even further. Also, he’s not quite middle-aged-he’s around 40, but this is still rather funny anyway.*


Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be back when I can. 🙂


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