Getting to Know the Members of Fall Out Boy: Post 1:Andy Hurley & Joe Throman (A FOBuary Post)

Welcome, welcome, to the greatest show on Earth, or at least the most late one (eek!). Also, welcome to Post 1 in my 3 post Getting to Know The Members of Fall Out Boy segment of FOBuary, in June, because life doesn’t like me & I think by now the feeling is mutual (lucky us!).

Today I will be sharing with you 20 pictures & some information about Fall Out Boy’s drummer (Andy Hurley) & guitarist (who also does back-up vocals) (Joe Throman). The pictures consist of 10 pictures of each member, 5 of which are before the hiatus (2001-2009) & 5 are after the hiatus (2013-present), for each member. So 10 pre-hiatus pictures total & 10 post-hiatus pictures total.

I combined these 2 members into 1 post because I really don’t know much about Joe Throman. It’s not because I put the other 2 members, Patrick Stump & Pete Wentz, on a higher level than Andy & Joe. Just making that clear.


First, meet Andy Hurley.

Top row is pre-hiatus, bottom row is post-hiatus (at least I hope they came out in rows-I guess I’ll just have to see):

andy prehaitus 1andy prehiatus 3andy prehiatus 4andy prehiatus 2andy prehiatus 5andy post hiatus 5andy post haitus 2andy post hiatus 4andy post haitus 3andy posthiatus 1

When you look at this guy you probably think, “Wow, I wouldn’t want to make this guy mad.”….or something along those lines. But reality tells a very different story. Andy Hurley is a very gentle, soft-spoken person, who is also straight-edge (no drugs, no alcohol, & no smoking) & vegan. Although Andy Hurley is often toted as the underappreciated drummer, he has a sturdy amount of fans, simply because of how much of a positive role model he is & how kind & gentle he is, despite his appearence. As I’ve already said, he is the drummer of Fall Out Boy. However, he has not always been so. Fall Out Boy had already released multiple, non-album, “things” before Andy Hurley came along-they had no official drummer during these first few years. When their first album came along, Andy joined the team, & stayed.

Andy grew up in Wisconsin, where he made many decisions & discoveries that have shaped who he is today. At 16 he became vegan & at 15 he committed to being straight-edge, 2 qualities he dillegently keeps today. In middle school he discovered a band that had shaped a lot of his musical taste & passions, such as his love for hardcore punk bands & the passion he has for various causes. To put it in a broad spectrum, he is very passionate about issues of justice & compassion, which is a big focus of his OTHER band he keeps up & plays in faithfully, a vegan straight-edge hardcore band called SECT. Although its gets A LOT less attention & fanfare than Fall Out Boy, it plays a very important role in his life too. It’s music is sharper, darker, & a lot, for lack of better words, angrier, fueled by problems from ecological issues to current events. A quote about this, from his own lips: “I wanted to do the vegan straight edge band to show people I still care about these issues. They’re still important to me. Mostly, I wanted to make a statement with that genre of music. The vegan straight edge band stretches a different muscle.”

On a side note, Andy Hurley started his musical experiences with a saxaphone.

In 2013, Andy made a life-changing discovery: CrossFit. CrossFit is now a major part of his life (he’s said it’s a perfect fit for his life too), hence the picture of him working out. He was immediatly drawn to CrossFit when he found it, & he makes an effort, even when touring, to find one of the many CrossFit gyms all over the world & to work out there. Andy is toted as one of the most principle musicians alive.

He also co-owns a vegan cafe called Oracle Coffee, in Portland, Oregan.


Now meet Joseph “Joe” Throman. Same as before, pre-hiatus pics on top, post-hiatus on bottom, if they even lined up correctly, that is:

joe pre haitus 1joe pre haitus 2joe prehaitus 4joe prehiatus 3joe prehiatus 5

joe post hiatus 1joe post hiatus 2joe post hiatus 3joe post hiatus 4joe post hiatus 5

Joe Throman is the guitarist of Fall Out Boy, & also does backup vocals, as I already said. Joe is the comedian, really, too, & a bit of a socialite when he wants to be. If you had to pick the band member who is the “cool kid” of the bunch, he would probably fit the bill. Although he is the closest to the typical rock star “mold” in the band, like the others, he is far from it.

Joe is the youngest Fall Out Boy member, & also the tallest, which isn’t saying much in reality because all of the other band members are preeeettty short. I don’t know the exact height he is, so we’ll just leave it at this-he’s the tallest of the 4.

Joe grew up Pete Wentz, the band’s bassist, even though there is a substanial age difference between them-currently Pete is 40 & Joe is 34. (Okay, I asked The Google for that one-I knew that Pete Wentz is 40 because my mom is a few months younger than him, but I wasn’t sure with Joe.)

Joe has a brother, a wife, & a little girl named Ruby, born in 2014 I believe. I have to say she’s seriously adorable…..And by now I guess she’s not really that little…..hmm….


Oh well…..

Moving on!

Joe is a Star Wars fan, & admires The Smiths……

Wait. He has a 2nd daughter. I’m not sure of her name….she was born last year though. I just remembered. Man. Told you-I’m not a hardcore fan, just a big fan, & a passionate one.

Joe Throman has a signature guitar move, dubbed ThroMania, where he pretty much spins hard with his guitar, kicking up at the end. He broke the bassists nose once, actually with this move. Whoopsies indeed.


This is all I have, I’m sorry.

Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful day everyone, or at least a good one,

-Keely(the cynical reject blogger) 🙂


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