Thank you everyone!

Hi guys! I wanted to thank everyone who has taken time out of their life to read my blog, & sometimes even leave a little extra-whether it be a like, a comment, or simply a follow.

It’s been quite some time since WordPress sent me a “Hoo-rah” notification, at least a year ago, telling me I had so and so many followers.

Like last time, I’m very grateful & overjoyed. I never imagined that my little blog, which started as a school assignment my freshman year of high school (I’m starting my senior year of high school this fall) would ever make it this far.

And you guys-all of you-deserve a serious thank you!

Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning(ish) or you’ve just joined my blog & discovered it.

Writing has always given me joy, but it overjoys me even more to know that people are reading my blog & liking what they see, & coming back for more in the frenzies of life.

Thank you everyone. You make up for all of the times that WordPress has deleted my drafts! XD


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