World of Upgrades (A Poem)

Hi guys! I have, surprise surprise, a poem for you. I’ll let you read it now-I don’t really need to tell you what it’s about-you’ll figure it out pretty quick. Enjoy! And tell me what you think!


—What a grotesque thing to stare at

Out society’s urge now to upgrade

Up the ladder we hope to raid:

Youth, better technology, beauty, immortality, & less use of the brain

Upgrading our body parts


We can’t accept our own bodies anymore as art

There’s a heavy feeling in many of our hearts

And only some of us can stop it from tearing us apart

In a society of upgrades & twisted art

—-Her makeup is on point

Her filter is bursting with cute

His abs are firey in any photoshoot

His women-captivating-cheekbones are like glittering knifes

“But not in a bad way”,

They say


Their friendship we see in their selfies is goals

Everyone wants to switch roles

Why has our society turned into a world of upgrades

Upgrade your phone

Upgrade your face & body as your age has grown

Upgrade your wife because,

Like you, she’s aging too

Upgrade your sports car

To your defense,

“It’s no longer new!”

We’re really going to go so far

In a world of upgrades & morbid art

Either we are or we will far right apart

It’s hard to be yourself

In a plastic world sometimes

But we need to fight against losing ourselves to this cyclone

Of pain & lies

That model

That actor

That fitness guru & that Internet star

Isn’t who you are

Isn’t who you can be

You’re just you & they’re just them

The curtain of separation only appears this thin

Drunk on the potion of want & overexposed “perfected” skin

Enough to make your very head spin

Oh we’re going to go so far

In a world of upgrades

A whole galaxy of constellations of self-induced scars

—-What a gorgeous look

Can I make it?

What an insane diet

Can I take it?

What outstanding sports skills

Can I fake it?

What a crazy challenge compilation on the Internet

Can I recreate it?

What horrible questions

Can’t we all just take a second to deep breathe?

I write this to try to crack through

I doubt I can write this & relieve

The thousands of people walking the planet as of now

Who have simply forgotten how

To be themselves

To not idolize & yearn for what could supposedly be

With a couple upgrades

For a couple more weeks

What a wonderful world of upgrades


What a glorious world of unintentional tragic art

& upgrades

—-How shall we fight

In a world devoid of much positive light?

How do we unlock doors to the truth

When the key to these doors of truth is lost & imbedded in our own ruth?

The answer is hard

That we know

And lies in being our own

—-The mirror tells truth, it’s true

But the best truth is that you should never lose you


Again, I hope you enjoyed this!

Thanks, as always, for reading! ❤


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