A Random Thought

Hi…Eventually, I’ll be back in full swing, but I wanted to share a thought I had recently:

What I want to buy or receive as a gift really says the opposite about me.

Probably number 1 on my list is a GIGANTIC book of baby names. This would usually indicate that I am an 18-year old mother-to-be. That is FAR from the truth. What it really means is that I want a massive pool of names to choose from for characters. I REALLY want a giant baby name book. It’s an odd thing to want so badly, but that’s me.

Then I also want tickets to the upcoming Hella Mega tour with Fall Out Boy, Weezer, & Green Day. This would lead people to assume that I listen to “emo/scene” bands like Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, etc. etc. In reality, although I listen to Fall Out Boy, a band whose early years were deemed “emo”, a label that they can’t get rid of, even a decade later, is as far as I go into “emo music.”

…..There’s more than this, but I have to go, & I feel that if I simply put it in the drafts I won’t finish & post this.

Sorry! :/

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