Do You Think These Should Be Submitted to TeenInk?

Hi guys,

I have been toying with the idea of sending some poetry to for quite some time now, & I’m finally taking action. It’s about time since I’m already halfway there to my 19th birthday.

So far I’ve decided I will try to submit these pieces:

1) A Story of a Prince

2) Blow Me Up Cannon!

3) Staked

4) This I Promise You


5) World of Upgrades

I am on the fence on 5 others. I won’t submit all of these at once, but I want to know what I will submit before even submitting anything.

These are the ones I’m on the fence about, with links to them for easier rereading. I want to know other peoples’ thoughts:

1) Age Old Story (read at )

2) Body Contact (read at )

3) Cleanse Me (read at )

4) Looking Glass (read at )


5) Sparks (read at )


Please let me know what you think in the comments!

I’ve very indecisive & ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!


With love,



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