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My name is Keely, & welcome to my blog & my About Me page!

I have writing for my own enjoyment since the age of 7 or 8, & never stopped. On November 29, 2019, I turned 18. This means I have been doing this for a decade-plus now, & I take great joy in that.

Besides writing, my other passions are reading, sharing my work, & mythology, especially Greek & Roman mythology. If you have any book suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them. I read most fiction genres with the exception of horror, thrillers, mysteries (I’ve been reading for so long & I’ve read so much I can almost always guess the ending correctly in mystery books really early on), suspense, graphic novels, & true crime. I also read some nonfiction. I have been reading for my own enjoyment since the age of 3, & my reading level has always been many years ahead of what it should be, meaning I spent little time on young-young kid books like Doctor Suess. By the time I was in middle school (to those who do not know what this means, it would be at the age of 11-12), I had a higher college reading level. By sophomore year (age 15-16), I tested to have the reading level of someone over 3 times my age, plus a few years. My other interests include names (I collect them for my writing), world history, cultural aspects of society, archeology, anthropology, keeping this blogging growing & flourishing, & fashion, even though I am very much a tomboy.

Someday, I hope to be a happy, published, freelance writer. I love feedback & comments, I’d go far as to say that it’s one of my greatest pleasures, so if you have any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, comments, questions, etc., feel free to comment!

Now, I’m going to list out 5 random things about me to you can get to know me further:

  • 1. I have a real problem with sugar & carbs, & if I could eat sugar & carbs all day with no consequences, & watermelon, which is my all-time favorite food, that’s exactly what I’d do day in, day out.
  • 2. My favorite book genre is dystopian, & my favorite book series is The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.
  • 3. I was raised on a steady diet of 80s & 90s films, Disney, & musicals. Although I don’t understand a lot of pop culture references today, I’m perfectly fine with it. My only complaint is that too little people my age know some of my favorite 80s & 90s movies like A Night at the Roxbury, The Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, & The Princess Bride. 
  • 4. My favorite band of all time is Fall Out Boy.
  • 5. My favorite animals are otters, ferrets, blobfish, & dachshunds.

I hope I didn’t put you to sleep! I’m not a very interesting person. Thanks for reading!!! 🙂

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