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Keelythecynicalrejectblogger, formerly keelythecynicalrejectblog, started as a school assignment for the creative writing class I took my freshman year of high school. To those who don’t know the American school system too well, this means in 2016-2017, when I was 14.

I was told that I would have to post once a week, & respond to at least 2 people every week as well. Most of my peers either did not do this at all, or they posted bare minimum work, & only responded to their friends in the class. I was, at the time, pouring out poetry like crazy-I was extremely infatuated with my male best friend, & he did not share the same feelings. I decided to pour it all into my blog, gifting me a place to let it out. I responded to more than just my friends in the class, finding blogs across the world to respond to. They in turn came to my blog-& like that, I knew that I would not leave behind the blog when the class was over.

Now years later, keelythecynicalrejectblogger has over 100 followers, which is a pretty big feat for a little blog in the corner of the Internet run by someone with literally zero connections & almost no word of mouth.

I’m probably never going to stop keelythecynicalrejectblogger, because it brings me joy. However, I’m not going to lie to you-there’s going to be a lot more breaks to come.

Thank you for joining me for this journey.


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