Allow Me…

Good morning. Well, at least it's morning where I am. I wanted to explain one of the "gifts" I left for Dev in my last post, to those who do not understand the joke. I am talking about this one: This is priceless...only if you know why. *** Fall Out Boy has a rep for... Continue Reading →

A Gift for One Of My Favorite Readers

Hi guys. First, sorry I'm STILL behind on posts. But I'm not going to focus too much on that. Instead, I'll focus on my little gift, for Deveraux Frazier (sorry if mispelt your first name), of As much as I treasure all of my readers, even though many of them are absent as I... Continue Reading →

Today, Tomorrow, & Best Wishes

That's all for today! But tomorrow I plan to have these things posted: Parts 2 and 3 of "The Deluxe Daydream" One of my "brief band member profiling" posts-specifically, the one featuring both Andy Hurley & Joe Throman My Favorite Songs by FOB By Album Post 4 (Which is for the album Folie a Duex.)... Continue Reading →

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