Today, Tomorrow, & Best Wishes

That's all for today! But tomorrow I plan to have these things posted: Parts 2 and 3 of "The Deluxe Daydream" One of my "brief band member profiling" posts-specifically, the one featuring both Andy Hurley & Joe Throman My Favorite Songs by FOB By Album Post 4 (Which is for the album Folie a Duex.)... Continue Reading →


My Favorite FOB Songs By Album:: Post 3: Infinity On High

Hi Internet friends, I'm back for another post. I'm not going to spend much time on this itsy bitsy "intro" because the rest of the post should be long enough. Before I start rattling off my favorites from the album I'm "doing" in this post, Infinity On High, I'm going to rattle off a few... Continue Reading →

“The Deluxe Daydream”:: Part 1: Opalescent Smoke

Words, words everywhere. Surging around me, embracing me, & Iā€™m suddenly 13 again.Ā  They dance & twist around me as vibrant, prismatic smoke, simultaneously creating dewy phrases in their seemingly endless depths. WordsAreAllIHaveSoIWriteThemINeed ThemToJustGetBy. IDonā€™tHaveTheRightNameOrTheRightLooksButIHaveTwiceTheHeart. ICouldWriteItBetterThanYouEverFeltIt.SometimesBeforeItGetsBetterTheDarknessGetsBiggerThePersonYouā€™dTakeABulletForIsBehindTheTrigger. AmIMoreThanYouBargainedForYet? TheBestOfUsCanFindHappinessInMisery.Ā  SometimesTheOnlyPayOffForHavingAnyFaithIsWhenItā€™sTestedAgain&AgainEveryDay. LongLiveTheCarCrashedHearts. Pictures are joining the words one by one. They collide into each other, seemingly lost... Continue Reading →

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